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How to do plastering – Revoking the wall

Revoking a wall

The plaster or plaster walls is a task that requires some practice, but nothing we can not do with a little patience and dedication. Here are some tips for this task.

Making plaster on the walls

When we speak of plaster or plaster, we are referring to the application of one or more layers of one or more materials on a work surface. Especially in older homes, is usually necessary tweaks to the interior or exterior coating. In this article we will see some basic tips for you to make this activity easily and securely, obtaining a good result.

As in all fields of DIY and masonry, should get some art before working perfect. We therefore recommend that the first renders the make in less visible areas. However, if you are unhappy with a plaster, you just have to re-plastering to achieve the desired result.

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