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How to choose a good builder

If you are converting an attic or garage, building an extension or simply make some home improvements is vital to maintain the services of a good builder for your job. We’ve all seen on television programs that highlight the problems that can have if you hire a bad builder, not only the work is of poor quality but is very likely to be weighed down and can not even get a job done . Many people hire builders want bad because labor is cheap, but at the end of the day that ends up costing more in time and money than it would be if they had chosen a higher quality generator to start.

When choosing a builder first thing to look for is the recommendations of friends and family. If you can find someone who comes highly recommended by someone known to the work we’ve done then you are in a good thing, it’s even better if you have hired for a job that is similar to yours. If you can not find a builder who comes recommended by friends or family then you want to start your search by talking to several builders. Never approach the services of one, you’ll find it much easier to detect the good builders from bad if we talk to several people and compare them. Always ask for references from previous clients for similar job references and call them to see what they say about the builder. You might want to ask them if the job was completed on time, if they are completed on budget and if there were any complications during the process.

You may also want to check if the builder belongs to trade bodies or associations and if so check the composition is present. A composition of a body like this usually requires certain standards of the manufacturers themselves and therefore can be a good indicator of someone who is likely to do a good job. Once you’ve found someone who you think will do a good job will have to sit down and talk about your project. Never start work on a job without first agreeing in advance the cost, time of completion, catering services, so security and safety precautions will be taken etc. The more detailed discussions of the problems better and is less likely to be due to poor communication in the future. Get everything done on paper before you start to have a written and signed their agreements. One last thing to remember is not to fall into the trap of going for the builder who is ready to start tomorrow. If a builder tells you he is ready to start tomorrow and it sounds desperate work is probably not a great builder. Be prepared to wait a few weeks for a builder’s better to have time to do their work rather than go for the guy that no one else is willing to hire.

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