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Drywall in Living room area

Anyone who wants to make his home with a unique interior to take advantage of vazmozhonstite T. grenade. drywall. Among contemporary materials still have the plaster championship. Its use is widespread, both in the reconstruction of old houses and in new constructions. works quickly, andthe favorable ratio of price and quality makes it necessary to carry out internal reforms.

The ability of gypsum, which we can use are varied. With your help we can get perfectly smooth walls in the living room, no cracks. With the drywall in the living room is hidden bumps in the atticof age, but is perfectly flat and smooth. With drywall can elevate one partition light that can dividethe chamber into two parts. In this sense we can mount wall or a door ordinary phone.

With drywall can bring diversity in the room as it does one or more niches decorative. If niches are small and not be responsible for the decoration of some small. If the space is large floor toceiling, then put the built-in furniture with doors sliding (cabinet type coupe). With drywall held to the most extravagant ideas of design arches, curved walls, ceilings hectic.

To make the curve kanstruktsii, vaults and arches in the living room with sections speciallycurved to make the frame. How will bend the profile is a matter of design, but bear in mind that you can not bend with a radius of less than 50 cm. Deflection Gypsum is precise work. It is done with special spiked roller. It hit the side of the drywall to be folded. To drill surfaces concave face, and a bulky package. Country

Moisten riddled to the limit and then curve smoothly to the required curvature. To do this, use pre-made frame, consisting of side profiles to ensure the radius of curvature. When installing drywall in the room gredichki to use wood screws and clamps. Ready panels curved drywall mounted on theframe by means of special fasteners and anchors Burma.

Behind the drywall in the living room can hide the pipes of heating, air conditioning and power.Under the plaster can put thermal and acoustic insulation. For plaster can make spectacular lightsto mark the different areas in the space. lighting With directional lighting, windows and modern, the room will be unique and irresistible, modern and very comfortable.

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