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Colors to choose for your living room

We are in a difficult choice. The advice can be given on this very important sector of the house are not determining factors when choosing the color, and rely heavily on personal taste.

The hall or room is the place where we spend more time at home, receive visits, watch TV, read, met the family, and so much more. Therefore it must be a pleasant climate, relaxing, to forward its own personality, but also be comfortable even for those who do not live in the home.

The Colors from the Style
If you choose to give your home a decorative style, it will be responsible for laying down the colors themselves thereof, eg Minimalism prefer neutral colors, white, black, raw … In truck type style Pop Art opt for bright colors , complementary colors, yellow, red, green …

And so, you have no problem because of the color of the walls, furniture and accessories, one should follow certain “requirements”, plus add your personal touch.

The colors and lighting
The amount of light that enters a room change the perception of size and colors. If you want a bright, large windows or other artificial light, use combinations give birth to living clear. But dark tones darker environments but create a climate of depth and serenity.

The artificial illumination of this area should not be intense and direct. A diffused light creates a more congenial, a serene atmosphere of tranquility to read, talk, or watch TV, decorative highlights.

Color Combination
not recommended too intense tones, such as reds, oranges, nor too strong contrasts of complementary colors . No more than two colors on the walls, and up to 3, if using a tonal scheme .

If you want to contrast the colors of the walls can do it with decorative objects, furniture or accessories. If you choose the color should not be pure white, but broken or dirty, is diverted to a special tonality, or tinged with a little black. You can be the target for neutralizing demasiando intense shades like yellow, creating a cheerful atmosphere and elegant at once.

The living room and other rooms
Depending on the design of the house, the living room or can be linked by a door, an opening without a door or even in the same environment with a dining room attached. This is one reason to think the colors of both as a set.

You can create a continuity of colors, which will be played in both environments. Or you can create a little contrast by choosing a darker color or light for different environments separated by an opening without doors.

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